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Workplace bullying and harassment is alive and kicking in Australia. Totally unacceptable. Let’s stop it in its tracks.

If you have unhappy employees who are complaining and worse still are lodging claims of being harassed at work and bullied at work then what is really going on?

So often senior management is so busy that they fail to see either a) what they are doing or b) taking the time out to examine why there are consistent claims of bullying going on.

There is also the problem that your average employee likes stable consistency, and when the senior management are sending out inconsistent strong messages, they are often unaware that this is messing with their employee’s brains. The employees don’t like it, and often they go into a ‘freeze’ mode which can result in the trigger for the manager to start bullying to get what they want.

Of course, there are always two sides at least to a story. From the employees’ perspective, they can interpret a manager’s directive as ‘bullying’, when in many cases it is not the case. The manager is frustrated with the half-a-mile-an-hour employee and has reached boiling point as he/she is naturally an impatient person. I would not enjoy it for instance if Gordon Ramsay was my boss! Let’s just say that he communicates in a very direct style!

The results you often get from such a business are low profits (if any), high turnover of staff, low morale and a totally polluted culture. It only takes one person in the company to infect the culture, and so I hear you ask how can you fix this?

It starts like any good building with the underpinning to the foundation.

Employ the right people in the first place. Employing the wrong people in the first-place spells disaster.

Have a system for employing your people at the very beginning, which you adhere to. No nepotism. No racism. There are a few other ‘no’s’ you could add I am sure too!

Using purely selection criteria ticked boxes is a disaster in the making. You are employing humans (you hope!), and humans are not little mechanical cogs in a wheel. Selection box ticking criteria is for nongs. Hire for attitude and train for skillset improvement.

Our tagline for the business is Know Yourself, Grow Your Business. If you don’t have a firm grip and knowledge of your own foibles how are you going to pick them in others and how will you know who will fit the culture and direction of your company?

Too hard? We fix things like this and it results in a happy harmonious productive profitable workplace.

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