Our Difference

Business Coach

Having been where you are – in the lonely space of CEO and learning through harsh experience of starting up businesses – making lots of mistakes and learning from them – John’s passion to save you from making these same mistakes he made is invaluable.

One of the great advantages of working with John Flett and in particular what you benefit from is the trust engendered by knowing that someone else has done the hard yards that you are going through, and listens intently to what you need, rather than a dinky di coaching program dumped on your head.

‘Intellectual humility is gold’ is one of his favourite sayings and his willingness to keep learning is infectious. You will learn so much more than just a textbook or training course.

Your business requires a unique approach that recognises the individual nuances specific to both yourself and your business: there is no generic box of tricks that your business is expected to fit within.

Education plays a significant role in our approach because we believe that knowledge is the key to any success.

You will receive the right books for your business and your specific needs as part of the package that you receive working with ScopeBC.

Start with Who

To achieve your goals, you need to start at the correct place which is ‘Who’. Who is who in the zoo is what counts! 

It is why when we start working together, we start with Who. The key players in the organisation come together and we do an in-depth analysis of each person’s strengths, vulnerabilities and weaknesses. From that a road map can then be worked out to get you from where you are now, to where you want you and your organisation to be.

Our Approach

identifying the right goals

achieving a clear focus

removing your mental barriers

developing an action plan that evolves with you as you achieve your successes

Our Value Proposition

A Team that Works

Having the right team means that your staff are working for you, not you working on them. Achieving team harmony begins with understanding who are the right fit for your team and how to maximise each of their strengths for the greatest return.

This goes hand in hand with the right culture in your business. The right culture means greater team harmony and stronger levels of communication between them.

Success Without Barriers

If you only see barriers stopping you from achieving your success, then you will never achieve it. We help you identify and overcome those barriers, guiding you to achieve the right mindset for success and develop a plan for the right way forward.

As a mentor to your business, our position allows us to help you see that your most obvious issues might not be your biggest challenge.

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