Taking Care of Business – Business Coaching Event

 The EVENT of the year for those is small and medium business

The Scope BC launch in February 2017 provided an opportunity for small and medium business owners, CEO’s and entrepreneurs from around Brisbane and further afield to other areas of Queensland and Australia, to be a part of this special event.

An opportunity to celebrate the distinguished career of John Flett, CEO of Scope BC, aswell as to welcome Heather Wentworth, Scope BC Business Guide to the Scope BC team.

Everyone needs a business coach

When it comes to small to medium business it is easy to feel alone. John Flett, together with Heather Wentworth take care of business with their clients so they can enjoy the rewards of small business.

A good business coach, is not just a cheerleader but a business consultant. And that is where John Flett shines above the rest. Business Consultants who have experience, respect and achievements are hard to find, but the great news to share at the Business Coaching Event is that businesses no longer have to struggle to find the right business coach or business consultant.

And that is something to celebrate.

Business Strategy is everything

Business Strategy for small to medium businesses who are wanting to change their situation is everything. Not only does an effective strategy help the business owner to feel more in control, it also enables the whole business to run smoothly.

And that is what a business coach does. Helps identify areas of need, work with you to develop effective strategies for your business and to be your business consultant for all the questions and advice you need.

But without strategy it is all for nothing…. Just another thing that was a part of the Taking Care of Business – Business Coaching Event celebrations.

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  • Startup Advice

Business Coaching for EVERY business

Including yours....

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