How politics taught us about business strategy

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Strategic business direction… Hmm.. Well it is great that you have a wildly exuberant team, but ‘em just a little business sense, and a business team that actually think what they are doing may just be a bit of a clever idea first do you think?

Picture for a moment what your local traffic policeman would do if they came across your business team driving towards him beers in hand. I think he would run out of paper writing out the numerous infringement tickets.

Strategic Business Direction

Heather, Scope’s Business Guide, took this photo in Malta where the locals were celebrating the return of their political party to power. It left us speechless!

I thought of some of the crazy things that I have seen in business over the years. Just the wrong people in charge allowing the craziest even dangerous business strategies and business practices to persist.

Henry Ford reputedly said that ‘thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.’

Do we really THINK before engaging in some weird business strategy or go into a negotiation especially a business negotiation with the wrong people leading it, in the wrong environment and ill-prepared at best?

Even countries do this. Having originally come from the UK, I take a bit of an interest in what is happening there. I am left speechless at the naivety and downright stupidity with which the British Government is handling the Brexit negotiations.

Firstly, the team handling the negotiation are all emotionally involved. Mistake number 1. Secondly, they have triggered the required exit Article which sets a definite exit date before they had even half completed negotiation exit terms. Mistake number 2.

I could go on, but sticking to the essence of this post, if you are in charge of your business you must be absolutely certain that your team do not (either literally or less obviously) do what the bunch of clowns in this picture are doing behind your back.

There is a simple acid test I use with my clients when they are complaining about their team. 2 questions.

  1. Would you unquestionably and wholeheartedly re-employ every member of your team knowing what you know now about them?
  2. If not, then what are you going to do about it and when?

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