A simple piece of business advice from an old friend

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A good friend of mine some 10 years older than me, often gave me impromptu advice, some of which has stayed with me to the present day. One such bit of advice was “John”, he would say “if I get invited to have dinner at a new friend’s house, the first place I go to is the bathroom. If the bathroom is immaculate and clean, then I am fine, but if it is scruffy and a bit dirty or smelly, I look to only eat a wrapped chocolate biscuit for dinner”. Indeed, when I go to a restaurant, the first place I visit is the toilets (and if the kitchen or back area is in sight, I’ll sneak a peek at that as well), and I’m sure many of you have done the same.

In the dining room, one glance at a sopping table still wet from the cloth with which it was wiped is enough to start a chain of doubt in my mind. I wonder when the cloth was last changed? Was it ever changed? Does the waiter or waitress wash their hands?

I look up at the dead and dying plants hanging out of the broken hanging basket on the wall and my heart sinks some more. Next, the proud but unkempt owner marches up to the table and interrupts a conversation with my sweetheart. Meanwhile, the chef walks past us, wiping his nose with the back of his hand as he heads back into the kitchen. We’ve seen and had enough. We are going!

Does this sound familiar to you?

It might not seem like it, but this story is just as relevant to an office workplace as it is to a restaurant. What happens in the office is just as important as what your customers see.

Improper hygiene, an untidy workplace, and a general disregard for manners and common courtesy are all serious errors of judgement that will ruin your business. Pay attention to your employees! Are they giving your business the image that you expect? How does your business appear to customers?

Ensuring your customers have a positive experience with your business is crucial. A bad experience could see you lose a customer forever.

Come back to my friend’s advice, if the bathroom is filthy what do you think the kitchen is like?

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