Taking Care of Business


This book puts the microscope over the challenges business owners face in building a successful and profitable business. Based on John’s multiple decades of experience and abundance of knowledge, his style is humorous, candid and cleverly informative.

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John Flett, CEO of Scope BC, has started many businesses, successfully built them up and sold them profitably. He is a master negotiator with extensive experience in both finance and CEO roles. John excels in shifting mindset to focus companies on their strategic direction, working to create a positive, harmonious culture.

“John has an uncanny knack of identifying the real issues and challenges that we face in business every day, and then he shows us what to do about it. With style, humour and depth of knowledge that clearly shows his breadth of experience, his writing is engaging, informative and inspiring. This book is for anyone who owns, runs or works in a Business. It really has something for everyone.”
David Holland MBA, Results Rules OK Ltd


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