How we can assist through coaching Business Owners in Brisbane

Much more than Business Coaching

Your business may be going to the next level through a period of business growth and change, and the experience that John Flett has, both in the field of business in general, as well as the business coaching techniques will help get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

As your trusted Business Coach and as your business strategy needs refining, strategies in the field of recruitment and leadership are incredibly important to taking your business to the next level, while also taking into account systems improvements, identifying business development opportunities and hindrances are some of the many things he will discuss and uncover when working with you.

Typically a Business Coaching session will often cover analyzing your overall business performance, the strategies that are working, as well as the strategies that are not working, with a clear focus on results.

Because small business owners have often only had the experience of running a small business coaching them to think differently and embrace a business plan that takes them to where they are working on the business instead of in the business requires quite a mindset change, and unfortunately not every Brisbane business is up for that experience! The further problem is, when the business owner comes to sell the business, and because that business is no longer a small business, but has not been systematized (as most if not all bigger businesses have been fully systematized), they are disappointed with the price that they will get for their business.

Okay, okay by now you are probably saying perhaps this is all too hard, I won’t grow the business any more! Well think of a tree – nature can be our business mentor as well! The tree doesn’t say ‘hey, I’m not going to grow for the next few years!’ It is either growing or it is going! The results of following a sensible growth policy is why my coaching business has continued to flourish over 14 years now.

Maybe there are more doubts such as ‘I don’t have enough time, as my time management is not very good’ – The good news is that having had many businesses both overseas as well as right here in Brisbane, from small business all the way through to being the CEO of a multinational understand how hard some things such as time management can be, and have had over the years Business Coaches coaching me in all these areas.

Whether you’re looking for an executive coach for your growing senior team or a hands-on practical business coach for your small business, the way I see it is that everyone in business in Brisbane today needs business coaching.

By now, of course, the questions will keep popping up in your head and I’ll give you some answers to the common ones I get asked especially by the young entrepreneurs. 

Business Coaches Brisbane Questions

1.) How much does a business coach cost? Are they cheaper in Brisbane, Toowoomba or the Sunshine Coast?

Where a Business Coach comes from doesn’t really matter, and a great one will not cost you a cent – in the long term. Of course, in the short term it will cost you money, but my personal mantra is ‘find my fee fast’ is how I think, as I want my clients to be happy, and not say unkind things about my mother!

2.) My father had a small business for 40 years and he never had a business coach, and he ran a great business selling surf boards on the Gold Coast. None of the business owners on the coast had business coaches, why should I hire one?

How much did he and his fellow business owners get when they sold? Very little, as it was not exit ready. A great Business Coach will help you get your business exit ready as unfortunately sometimes things like death, divorce and other d things happen, and if your business is not exit ready, you will get not a lot of money for it, if indeed it sells at all. An Exit Ready Business can often fetch an outstanding price.

3.) How many businesses in Brisbane have business coaches?

Most businesses that are progressive in their thinking know that they need coaching, and every year there are more and more businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge increase their profits and eliminate poor practices which are costing them money. An exact number I cannot give you.

4.) How do I select or choose a Business Coach in Brisbane today? Do I just google Business Coach Brisbane and pick the cheapest?

The first question you should be asking is whether I am coachable? Coaching is not for everyone and coaching requires intellectual humility. The second question you need to ask is whether the ‘Coach’ has ever run a small business, a Brisbane business, a large business, experience in many fields over many years as well as having had a wide and vast business experience. If he or she hasn’t at least owned a small business and had at least 25 years experience it is doubtful that they will be able to help you unless in a very narrow field of their limited knowledge. Cheap is not the answer. Results and proven results are what you want, as getting the right results for small business and business owners in general is what really matters.

What can a Business Coach do for me?

There is so much distraction in business today with challenges to keep on track, marketing, profit, sales success and getting the maximum out of your people developing leadership skills, plus issues which come out of nowhere. A great Business Coach can do so much to help you, and with my clients it is largely the clients who drive the sessions, as well as quietly working with them to achieve their specific goals whether it is work, life or simply needing the support to be told they are doing okay!

Often it is simple things such as the client’s emails are out of control. They need clarity and vision to help them develop their passion, their leadership, their potential and the tools to become truly the best professionals in their field.

It is also all about freedom, wealth as well as being able to take the pressure off you, reducing risk, and having the advice you so richly deserve at your fingertips. Having the expertise that you can call on at any time to deal with not only Queensland or Australian matters but with a global outlook and network to tap into.

Gaining insights and knowledge which otherwise you wouldn’t be aware of.

Information and education to increase profitability and guidance on how to use it.

Understanding that you are not alone, and someone cares!

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