How can you grow your business without clearly knowing who you are – your strengths, your vulnerabilities and your weaknesses?
How can you grow your business when you don’t really know WHO you are employing? Scope invites you to a practical, information-packed interactive workshop facilitated by one of the world’s top experts on personality profiling John Flett.

In this workshop, all attendees will receive an in-depth personality profile facilitated in a safe ethical environment.
Typically, delegates leave this workshop feeling empowered, and happy in the knowledge that they can focus on continuing to build on their strengths, cover themselves off in their areas of vulnerability and ready to protect themselves from their areas of weaknesses immediately.
Fantastic value and as John only does these workshops infrequently grab this amazing opportunity right now.

This is not an after-dinner party game where you get put in a silly box with names such as Peacocks, Mozzies, Reds, Yellows, Lords, Stars. This is often a jaw-dropping moment – as many have been exposed to the gimmicky stuff and most definitely get a shock when this analysis is done with them for the first time, and surprises with its accuracy.

These workshops sell out fast, as they are truly an absolute bargain to learn directly from John. (John Flett has been continuously studying personality profiling since 1988, and has been involved in many facilitations of redeploying staff in their correct roles within organisations with astonishing results).

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We are confident that you will love the expert knowledge and practical guidance that this workshop provides, but if you feel you did not get value for money after attending the full workshop and participating wholeheartedly, we will refund your fee in full.

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