The key to creating new business opportunities

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‘I am dead quiet this month’ is a comment I hear a few times from business owners this time of year. ‘Be careful you don’t stop at the end of the third word, is the thought that goes through my mind!
Do something if things are quiet. Stir it up. Movement creates energy. Then comes momentum, new opportunity, and the next moment, you are busy.

If opportunity doesn’t knock. Build a door.

Focus on what you can do; not on what you can’t do. Focus is such a powerful tool and it’s important where you place your focus.
Many years ago, I managed a bunch of salespeople and from time to time it would go quiet. It never failed to work, when it got like this, to stir things up. Move stuff around, phone someone, get moving, make an appointment. Simply, act.

Ask yourself: What one thing can I do today to take me towards a specific goal? Ask yourself challenging questions. The brain loves this! The brains neural pathways light up when asked challenging questions. Fact.

So, go build that door and next thing opportunity will come along, drumming.

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