Why I’m not your average business mentor

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Business Mentoring. Business Coaching. Executive Coaching. Leadership Coaching

Does any of the above make you cringe?

They all do in my book!

People want a business mentor like a hole in the head! ‘But, isn’t that what you do John?’ people will say.

Well you have to have a ‘handle’ but if someone asks me what I do, I prefer to show them the results of what I do!

Sometimes of course, you have to be discreet – you can’t just bluntly tell a business owner ‘mate, your team sucks, you suck, and your workplace is a disorganised tip!’ I don’t think I would obtain many new clients that way – even if it was the truth!

It is a journey of discovery and after I have done a preliminary walk around and talk through what is going on in a business, you could knock the owner over with a feather when afterwards I tell them that they are doing an awful lot of things 100% correct!

It is the ‘not-so-right’ things that matter though. Only takes one bad apple. Only takes one thing to spoil a customer experience, and guess what that customer latches onto? Yep, you got it – the one thing that was wrong.

Take these calculations below and tell me what you think

  1. 19 + 17 = 36
  2. 27 – 11 = 16
  3. 43 +15 = 57
  4. 11 x 4 = 44

Now if you are like a very large proportion of society you will proudly and quickly state Q3 the answer was wrong! Very few will turn around and say that was a fantastic result – you will qualify for your degree with a continued 75% pass rate if you keep that up eh?

If we gently work together to turn that 75% pass rate heading towards and possibly never quite achieving the 100% mark would that be a bad thing?

If the profits, staff retention, team engagement, happiness, wellness and less stress all improved then having me as your ‘Business Coach, Executive Mentor, Executive Leadership Coach, whatever -you-want-to-call-me-Board-Advisor etc etc.’ would be a pretty good idea eh? Especially if I earned you over three times what my engagement fees cost?
Want to know more? Does it really work?

Phone or email me. What is the worst that could happen? What is the best that could happen?

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