Heather’s Fresh Start Session

Have you ever asked?

Where is my business heading?
How come work is taking over my life?
Why do I never have enough time?
Why do I feel stuck in a rut?
Am I in the right business?
Where is my own personal business niche?

As your Business Guide, I recognise that your time is very precious. Let’s use it wisely.

Heather’s Fresh Start Sessions are ideal for:

start-ups who want to get off the ground quickly

businesses who have been running for 1-2 years

businesses which have become stuck in a rut

anyone seeking a career change

3 Available Packages

Fresh Start

Spend 2 x 1 hour sessions with me to SCOPE options to kick start your business
We do a full profile to look at yourself and how you are operating as a business owner.
How do you interact with your staff and your clients? Is this serving you well? Is there a better way?
Then we look at your business foundations. Where are they strongest? Where are the vulnerable areas?
Together, let’s identify both your personal strengths and those of your business so these can be maximised.
Then let’s identify current barriers to success so that you can minimise these, to confidently move the business forward.

Let’s find the fresh start you are looking for!

Fresh Start – $250
(Cash or CC – Payable Upfront. Price includes GST)


How many times do we do training courses or get advice and, with no-one but ourselves to hold us accountable, we fail to put it into action?
Would you like me to hold you accountable for your progress?
Inclusive of the SCOPE Fresh Start Package, the SCOPE Accountability package consists of 10 contacts from me by phone or in person to talk over your progress and ensure that you are moving in the direction you want.

Accountability includes Fresh Start and 10 Accountability Sessions.
30-minute weekly or fortnightly sessions – You choose.

SCOPE Accountability – $750 total

(Price includes GST)

Action – the Premium Package

Ongoing business guidance over a 6-month period.

Inclusive of the SCOPE Fresh Start and SCOPE Accountability, this package provides additional 2 x 1 to 1 bespoke business training designed to propel you and your business forward.
This premium service allows you to relax knowing that you have a Business Guide who will help you to clarify the direction of your business, keeping you accountable, whist providing you with additional bespoke training.

Bespoke training
– Tailored to you, training may cover some of the following:
– Time Management
– Goal creation and achievement
– Business Planning
– Using Learning styles to satisfy your clients

Action includes Fresh Start, Accountability and Learning

SCOPE Action – $1000 total
(Price includes GST)

SCOPE the best options

kick start your business to greater success

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