Exit Strategy

It may not be at the top of your priority list currently, but planning an exit strategy is a vital move for companies and business owners everywhere. At Scope, we provide exit strategies for entrepreneurs in Brisbane, ensuring a smooth and easy transition for you and your business.

Are you selling your business?

Many business owners do not understand the factors driving an exit strategy, which is why we are here – to enlighten and advise you.

Selling your business entails a lot of planning, preparation, and a mighty compelling pitch. In an exit plan, there are key issues that need addressing, including your life situation, the unique features of your business and your price expectations.

All of these will be taken into account by our exit strategist, who will make sure you stand the best possible chance of a successful sale. Our strategy plan allows you to achieve the following:

Maximise the value you get from your business
Effectively market your business to potential investors or buyers
Ensure that your involvement with the business ends with as little disruption as possible.

A Success Story

John Flett once coached a business owner who wanted to sell his business. The business was valued at somewhere between $200,000 and $400,000, much less than the client had expected. After we implemented a culture change throughout the organisation and executed the necessary strategies, the business was valued at $1.4 Million, garnering higher than a 300% increase. As expected, the business was sold quickly and easily.

This can be your success story, too. With our help, you can exit your business the way it ought to be done, with value and ease.

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