How to determine if you can trust someone in business

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Trust. Hard won. Very quickly lost.

Being an optimist, I like to start with believing that most people are decent, hardworking and honest. In other words, I start from a position of trust.

Let’s look at the plus side of that for a moment. There is an open welcome to reciprocate from the other party. Let’s look at the flip side. There is an opening for someone to take advantage of you, and you open yourself up to your vulnerability. But is there a way, is there an opportunity to have the first, without opening yourself up to being hurt?

I believe there is, and my acronym for Trust may help.

T.  True. Is it TRUE? Is the person truthful? (If they have told you one lie, chances are they will tell you a lot more lies). Hey, they may deserve another chance – but with someone else – NOT you!
R.  Is it REALISTIC? If something sounds too good to be true, hey, you know the rest!
U.  Does this resonate with YOU? One size does not fit all. While something may be good for one person, it does not necessarily mean that it is good for you. We have 3 ‘brains’. Head, heart and gut – listen to all 3!
S.  Is there anything SNEAKY about this deal or person. We don’t deal with snakes unless we are zoo keepers, snake charmers or the like.
T.  T is for TIME. If you are being rushed or pushed up against a time pressure point, it can be a sign that the person you are dealing with is using a negotiation tactic against you.

Finally, always remember that whoever you are sizing up, deciding whether you can trust them to do business them, they are doing the same with you! For instance, if you turn up late for an appointment – regardless if you have an excuse such as the traffic, the dog died, or you lost your false teeth, you have just blown it! People have their ‘antennae’ out too!

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