Does your work culture really matter?

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Yeah, yeah yeah we have heard it all before. We had a Change Management Team come in a few years ago – (it was actually 20 years ago!) and it cost us a lot of money and it didn’t do us any good.

That and a few other derisory comments and tacit head nodding and gum bumping you may have observed or perhaps even been part of at some time or another.

Let me make it very plain and clear. The companies that ignore culture will no longer exist in a few months or years’ time. It is that important.

Over many years and numerous organisations, the sad truth is that culture is so much ignored and so bad, that employees have long since given up, and play the system putting in between 5 and 40% maximum discretionary effort.

In case you haven’t noticed the people who have spent many years growing what is currently very trendy – lots of grey hair, or in my case not a lot left of grey hair, are leaving the workforce in droves – the baby boomers, and being replaced with the tech-savvy very social media literate ’i’ generation who are very able and aware how to suss out the good from the bad employers. They don’t stick around in a toxic environment, plus they actively seek out the trendy hip employers, who value culture, understand that they think and work differently, and have CHANGED the way they THINK, which in turn changes the way they FEEL which changes what they DO and ultimately achieve a much better RESULT!

CEO’s don’t employ me for being a great Business Coach. They couldn’t care less about that. Business Coaches have been breeding in Brisbane this last couple of years – another 5 or 6 appearing each week, with some going on to give themselves even more fancy titles the latest being ‘Thought Leader’. What the .. is a thought leader? CEO’s employ me because I get results.

It puzzles me when companies have staff churn and burn, and the way they deal with it, is through adding to the small army in HR. HR having to deal with more and more drama, disciplinary and legal mushy messes, and meantime the rotten culture rolls on unabated with nepotism, bullying, micromanaging, wrong people in the wrong positions, backstabbing, politics, you name it, I haven’t seen it all, but enough to know that it is alive and very much kicking in business today. That is the wrong type of RESULTS.

Employers – you no longer have the luxury of an endless stream of what is now the ‘exiting-the-building-baby-boomers’ applying for jobs. That is finished not just this year but like the dinosaurs gone forever. You don’t have any option unless you want to go broke; you must change, and since you haven’t succeeded changing the culture on your own, you need help and guess what – that is what we do at Scope BC. Fix the culture. (along with quite a few other useful things)


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