Selecting a Business Coach in Brisbane

Do you want a 10mm drill or a 10mm hole?

Well neither may be the facetious answer! However, let’s think about it for a moment.

What are you really doing? What does your customer really want? He/she wants the 10mm hole! Not the drill bit. They couldn’t care less about the drill bit, unless what they want comes about through that drill bit.

Think about what you do, and then look at what you are offering. So often we are so busy, we forget that your customer is only interested in the 10mm hole!

‘Oh, but I want to sell you a hammer, and we have a great offer this month two for the price of one, much better than last month’s offer where you bought one and got one free!’

Focus on results for the customer first.

People don’t want a Business Coach! Why on earth would I need one of them? My father and grandfather before him didn’t need one, so, why should I? What is wrong with me? To which I reply metaphorically speaking – you need a 10mm hole don’t you. Your father and grandfather worked every hour of the day and half the night, and look where it got them eh! Busy until the day they retired and then they died 22 months later. (Statistics a friend told me, who worked in this area, as he enthusiastically declared he had reached 23 months since his retirement!)

What is your focus with your clients or potential clients? What has worked for me and continues to do so is this. Focus on value. I get to my client’s premises 10 minutes early for 2 reasons. Firstly, so that I am never late if traffic is bad. Secondly, to spend the ten minutes down the road from my client challenging myself, how can I add value to this client today. What 10mm hole does he or she want today?

Perhaps you are unsure what you really want and the business is running you. I experienced that in at least three of the businesses I started up and ran.

What the many experiences I have had during my long business career have done, is that they have served me today to be the very best Business Coach I can be in Brisbane today!

Maybe it is a bit cheeky to have the rego plate COACH 1, but I use it to remind me to stay humble, be committed to providing real value, learn as much as possible and be totally focused on being a 21st Century thinker keeping up to date in every conceivable way.

You know what to do next. Pick up the phone and dial 0408 002 550 and we will get together over a cuppa and see if we are a good fit to take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

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