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When there is a particular noise on social media, after a while I think to myself what is all the fuss about? One of the ‘noises’ I am talking about is outsourcing. Every week, I receive several emails offering opportunities to outsource, and I’m sure you do too.


I believe one of the reasons it continues to happen is that most employers lack the ability to employ appropriate staff. Consequently, they employ the wrong people and put those people in the wrong positions. Then they are faced with staff who are disengaged. If the problem continues, they might even be considering how to dismiss the lacklustre staff—and the process continues. After a string of bad experiences, the distressed employer turns to outsourcing in desperation, and blunders from the frying pan into the fire.

The problem starts at the top. “Oh, you can’t get good people these days” is what I hear far too often. Nine times out of ten, this is not the case. There are good people out there, but you had better change the way you think about them first. No employee likes to be treated like a cog, and nobody wants to be micromanaged. (Read my book to hear me go off about that one!) Study after study shows that workplace disengagement of staff is at an all-time high, but a new wave of dynamic employers is turning that around. Take time to understand and improve your workplace culture, and treat your employees with the respect they deserve. I guarantee you will notice a positive change.

If you want competent, engaged, and happy staff, you must change the way you think. If your office has a high turnover of staff, and you find yourself frustrated with your employees, it’s time to make a change to improve your workplace culture and increase the bottom line profitability of your business.

Ready to take the plunge?

If not, be prepared for the consequences. Outsourcing is not the right solution for every business, and it can turn out to be a sacrifice of quality for profit margins. Before you leap to answer one of those outsourcing emails, take a closer look at your current workforce.

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