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Scope Business Coaching (Scope BC) offers a unique approach to business improvement and optimising your business for success. Led by John Flett, their focus is not on a set of ‘tools for success’, but a more customised approach to help you achieve success for your business.

As our name suggests, we consider the full scope of your business, looking at it from all aspects including your personal and business goals, your aspirations for success and the best path forward for you to attain it.

We believe that for us to help you reach your goals, we must consider and understand the whole picture. Without this, our effectiveness in working with you will only achieve a fraction of your true potential.

With a strong focus on getting the right people in the right seats, John believes that knowing and understanding who your team are, allows you to maximise their strengths and create a harmonious workplace. A fully functional team, that works well together, leads to exceptional levels of productivity for your business.

John’s personal experience in business has given him a unique knowledge and understanding not seen in most other consultants working in the business improvement space.

John’s passion is to make a real difference in the lives and businesses of those clients he works with, helping them achieve success and live their dreams.


Focus (calm, guidance): Our focus first and foremost is the success of our clients. We provide them with the support and guidance they need to succeed in their business. We cut through the noise to keep them focused on their goals.

Understanding: We draw on our experiences in both work and life to provide an environment of understanding and empathy. This allows our clients to be comfortable and open with us, which is key in developing trust and an open and honest rapport.

Passion (joy, kind): We are driven by the joy we experience with our clients when they achieve their successes. Our passion is to see them reach their absolute potential.

Strength (strong): Our clients work with us because they realise a need to draw on the experience and knowledge of another to achieve their goals. We provide them with a foundation of strength to bolster their confidence to gain success in all aspects of their business.

Intuition (thinker): We do not provide cookie cutter advice. Our formula is simple in that we don’t have one. We acknowledge each client’s unique position and aspirations. Our inspired approach delivers what is needed to keep them moving forward.

John Flett

Business Coach

John has started up many businesses, successfully built them up and sold them profitably. He is a Master Negotiator with extensive experience in both Finance and CEO roles. He excels in shifting mindset to focus companies on their strategic direction. John works with you and your team to create a positive, harmonious culture and to help you make more money.

A message from John Flett, CEO Scope BC

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