4 Ways to improve effectiveness of meetings in 2018

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How often have you thought: It’s the end of the day, meetings are over, now I can start my work? Ineffective, time-consuming meetings can have a huge impact on productivity and output. Here are 4 surefire ways to improve the effectiveness of your meetings.

1.) Make them shorter with an agenda clearly communicated to all attendees. Personally, I will not attend a meeting unless there is an agenda and a clearly defined ‘actions arising’ outcome intention, written down before the start of the meeting.

2.) If you are having a meeting where you are going to just tell – forget it! That is called a gum bump, and is designed by you, to stroke your ego! Stop it! Ask questions and listen without interrupting.

3.) If you have set aside an hour for a meeting, and especially if someone is ‘telling’ it is way too long. Cut it to 17 minutes or some other bizarre, much shorter time. Plus, do not use up the ‘extra time’ – meetings are incredibly expensive. 8 attendee’s wages for an hour at $x/ hour + time lost when they could be making money! Keep ‘em very short.

4.) Don’t have a meeting to ‘discuss’ something, because all you will end up with is a discussion. Have a meeting to answer questions from the delegates to cover off why the intention is to do what you communicated the actions arising from this meeting will be in your email subject line. Include this when you sent the invite out.

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