4 Pieces of the Jigsaw Puzzle to Running a Successful Business

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I recently I attended my first session of a mentoring program, which confirmed to me how common jigsaw piece number one is.

Jigsaw piece number 1. The recruitment system.

I asked the businessman what system he had in place for recruiting his new team members. A blank look came over his face, and he stared at me in bewilderment.

Clearly he had none, which demonstrated to me for the umpteenth time how many business owners just have no idea how important that this is.

Start with who. Forget this ‘pop’ stuff of starting with Why. If you have the wrong people on board your ‘business bus’, in the wrong seats and a baboon driving the bus, you are going to crash!

‘Oh we ask around our friends and family, to see if they know someone, or as a last resort stick an ad up on Seek’ is the far too common response.

Then you wonder why you have problems!

Recently, I started working with a company that was bumping along and as I steadily worked through the 14 employees discovered 7 of them were totally unsuitable for their roles, and of these 7, four of them were actively destroying the company!

Puzzle piece number 2. The person responsible.

Where does the problem lie? Hint. Grab a mirror and look hard for the culprit.

Puzzle piece number 3. Kindness that leads to trouble.

If the jigsaw of business is a topsy turvy mess, then how do we fix it? HR? If you had hired correctly in the first place you wouldn’t have needed HR, or worse still an Industrial Relations Lawyer to dig you out of the mess you created. Not the employee. If you had not deprived that dodgy employee from getting a job at your strongest competitor, he would be messing up their business today instead of yours! Perhaps you are a born ‘rescuer’ and, you need to find ‘victims’ to rescue in your business, so you at a subconscious level employ people because you see that they have problems, so you want to help them. While this comes from kindness, it is not an animal rescue centre you are running is it? It is a business and making a profit is not a sin!

Puzzle piece number 4. Outsource.

Get outside help. ‘Oh, but we have managed before alright and besides consultants and coaches cost money.’
Not a fraction it costs compared to making the wrong hire.

Not a fraction of the cost of you bumbling along in your old-fashioned ways.

Not a fraction of the squillions of dollars extra you could be making if you just buried your ego and got expert help.

If you want to get help in your business right now, do something. Do something different! Contact me and, if I can’t help you with your particular problem, I work with other professionals who can. I’ll point you to the ones who are the real deal too!

At Scope Business Coaching we look at the whole big picture and look where the jigsaw puzzle is missing critical pieces and fix it. It results in a much happier much more profitable healthier business.

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