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Scope Business Coaching (Scope BC) offers a unique approach to business improvement and optimising your business for success. Led by John Flett, their focus is not on a set of ‘tools for success’, but a more customised approach to help you achieve success for your business.

As our name suggests, we consider the full scope of your business, looking at it from all aspects including your personal and business goals, your aspirations for success and the best path forward for you to attain it. We believe that for us to help you reach your goals, we must consider and understand the whole picture. Without this, our effectiveness in working with you will only achieve a fraction of your true potential.

If you only see barriers stopping you from achieving your success, then you will never achieve it.

  • One of my favourite areas of working with people, is mindset and the impact that has on an individual's performance. This then moves into talent management and understanding what drives a person and how to best utilise their natural skills within the workplace. No one does this better than Mr John Flett who is a king of DISC profiling. For those new to the idea that personality profiling can make a difference, then you need to contact John and get him out straight away! He has turned over 400% profit in businesses just by understanding the personality types of the staff and making correct recommendations in relation to where those people are most suited (decision maker or non-decision maker - as examples). John is also a mindset coach, one of the few of us in the country that actually understand the global success model. His boardroom series is a great first glimpse at what is possible for you in your business and I am pleased to be associated with him.

    Gayl Regina Director Positive Empowerment Group of Companies
  • John Flett is an extraordinary business coach with a real flair for creating staff engagement. If you want to see better returns on your bottom line through a motivated workforce, look no further than Flett Consulting.

    Brett Harbourne Director TVS Architects
  • Initially we employed John Flett as our Business Coach in 2008, and after an amazing first year when he helped us massively improve profits, he has since worked with us off and on since then. Without a shadow of doubt the business would not be where it is today without his invaluable help. The culture has changed dramatically for the better, as well as being a safer happier place to work.

    David Steven General Manager, Express Pallets and Crates Pty Ltd.
  • John I just wanted to say thanks. I have been to your day seminar, your board room course and am now working with you in a Mastermind group. Every day I pick up something new. My business now runs more smoothly, thanks to your pressure.

    Steve Anderson
  • Prior to meeting John I didn’t think there were enough hours in the day – after reviewing my work processes John provided some excellent ideas on time management – has made my life so much easier and stress free. I highly recommend John's services.

    Gillian Fraser Phone Solutions Australia
  • John is a vault of knowledge and can recall best practice or solution almost on the fly. John has a your-friend-in-the-boardroom approach but if needed he takes no prisoners. His only goal appears to be, to get me to my goal, by whatever means necessary. My only regret is that I didn’t meet him earlier!

    Anthony Fensom CEO, ConsultingIT

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